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    As gentle as it is powerful, this antioxidant moisturiser helps protect skin from everyday environmental damage. It rich in botanicals extract was designed to improve texture and increase elasticity. This advanced blend absorbs quickly, leaving nothing behind except a fresh, balanced complexion. The active ingredients work quickly to revitalize lackluster skin so it can look and act healthier and younger.

    独家用后心得: 于护肤品的最后一个步骤搽上将前面所有精华牢牢锁住,她的其中一个成分葵花籽油有助于滋润和舒缓肌肤,黄芩提取物具有抗炎,抗氧化,收敛毛孔及抗菌功效,有助于延缓衰老,隔天睡醒会感觉脸皮肤滑滑的,脸部的小暗粒也会消失


    Active Ingredient / 活跃成分:
    Sunflower Oil – Has the ability to help replenish and soothe skin
    葵花子油 – 有助于滋润和舒缓肌肤

    Green Tea Extract – Helps to limit photo-aging signs, fight against oxidative stress causes, reduce skin damages caused by pollution and UV Rays.
    绿茶提取物 – 有助于抗老化,抗氧化与修复压力中,环境污染和紫外线损伤的肌肤

    Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract – Provides anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, astringent, and anti-bacterial effects for aging delay process.
    黄芩提取物 – 具有抗炎,抗氧化,收敛毛孔及抗菌功效,有助延缓衰老。

    Direction of use : Use it PM. Apply a small amount after serum and massage gently until it fully absorb.
    使用方法: 晚上使用。脸部清洗干净后,取出少量,轻轻按摩直至完全吸收。也可于上一些精华素/精华液后涂抹晚霜,锁住精华。

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