Keep▴It Smooth Belly Flat Fiber Detox Juice

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    KEEP▴IT SMOOTH ( Per box 15sachets × 20g )
    1 box RM 149 WM / RM 159 EM
    🔻LAUNCHING PROMO : 1box RM 129 WM / RM 139 EM
    🔺️TWIN PACK 2 boxes : RM 245 WM / RM 265 EM
    🎀 2 boxes 🆓️ KEEP▴IT Shaker × 1 (only for first time buyer

    KEEP▴IT SMOOTH ( 一盒 15条 × 每条 20g )
    一盒 RM149 西马 / RM 159 东马
    🔻新品体验价 : 一盒 RM129 西马 / RM 139 东马
    🔺️TWIN PACK : 两盒 RM 245 西马 / RM 265 东马
    🎀 2盒🆓️一个 KEEP▴IT 香槟色摇摇杯 (仅限首次购买者)

    KEEP▴IT™ SMOOTH is a premium and unique formulation developed using 100% natural and patented ingredients such as Fibersol-2® from Japan, Nutriose® from France, Promitor® from Netherland. It provides variety of fibers, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics which are essential for well-being. It support our body’s Phase 2 detoxification process, which is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules they can be excreted from our body. Therefore, it also fight free radicals which keep us young and energised all the time.

    KEEP▴IT™ SMOOTH 是采用独特及专利配方精心研发的100%天然膳食纤维饮品,有源自日本的 Fibersol-2®,法国的 Nutriose®,荷兰的 Promitor®。不仅提供人体每天所需的纤维素、维生素、矿物质及益生菌和益生元,还可促进身体第 2 阶段的排毒过程,当分解出的毒素附著到其他分子上时,它能促进毒素被排出体外。 除此之外,它还可帮助抗老化,抗自由基,让我们拥有健康的体魄及肠道的同时,也享有好肌底及纤瘦靓丽的体态。

    Premium Natural Ingredients 优质天然成份 :
    Apple Juice Powder 苹果汁粉
    Blueberry Juice Powder 蓝莓汁粉
    Fibersol-2® 抗性麦芽糊精
    Nutriose® 朗纤优
    Papaya Enzyme 木瓜酵素
    Red Beet Root 红色甜菜
    Apple Fiber 苹果纤维
    Oat Fiber 燕麦纤维
    Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) 低聚半乳糖
    Inulin 菊粉
    Promitor® 玉米可溶性纤维
    Ascorbic Acid 维生素C
    Mangosteen Extract 山竹果萃取

    Direction 饮用方法
    Mix 1sachet of KEEP-IT SMOOTH with 200ml-300ml room temperature water, stir well or shake well and drink immediately.将一包 KEEP-IT SMOOTH 倒入一杯大约 200ml-300ml 室温水混合,搅匀或摇匀后即喝。

    Dosage 建议饮用量
    Take 1-2 sachets daily depending on personal needs, either before bedtime / after dinner or in the morning after breakfast.
    Drinks sufficient of water throughout the day for optimum results.
    依据个人需求每日可摄取 1-2 包。临睡前/晚餐后或早餐后饮用。

    Pre-Caution 警示
    If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or undertaking treatment please consult your doctor before taking any product.

    Storage 贮存方式
    Keep in a cool dry place, avoid from direct sunlight.

    Special Declaration 特别声明
    Colour, texture, smell and taste may different from batch to batch due to the properties of natural ingredients used.

    Packing 包装
    20gram x 15 sachets 20克 x 15条装

    Manufactured in Malaysia with Certified by MeSTI KKM, Food Safety GMP KKM, HACCP Ministry of Health Malaysia, Tested by SGS Malaysia & SGS Taiwan

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