XP-II Slimming Drinks + KEEP▴IT™ SMOOTH Belly Flat Detox Juice

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    ★ XP-II ★ 7years well known slimming burn fats drinks since 2011 JAN
    *Mango Taste (FIBER)
    ▲ KEEP▴IT SMOOTH ▼ NEW Launched Belly Flat Fiber Detox Juice since 2017 DEC
    *Yum yum Berries Taste (Tasty like Juice with non sticky)

    ★ XP-II ★ drink every morning before first meal.
    It helps to burn and dissolved excessive body fats, when our body fats reduce day by day, our body parts will become slender and body weight reduce. It also helps to surpress appetite, burn calories, block carbs turning into glucose then glucose becoming fats. Also improve metabolism and blood circulation.

    ▲ KEEP▴IT SMOOTH ▼ drink every night after dinner / before sleep.
    It helps to detoxify body, prevention and relieve constipation, eliminates water retention, enhances weight lost process, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, maintains balanced blood sugar and cholesterol level, creates a healthy gastrointestinal environment.

    [ Key to slim down: 3meals as usual eat in small portion of foods , less take oily, fatty, sweet, fried foods and beverages, no junk foods. and drink at least 2 litres water everyday to increase metabolism.]


    XP-II (15 sachets × 10g)
    1box RM 135 WM / RM 145 EM

    KEEP▴IT SMOOTH per box (15 sachets × 20g)
    1box RM 149 WM / RM 159 EM
    1box RM 129 WM / RM 139 EM

    ⚠️ To get BEST SLIMMING RESULT ::: taking in SET
    1set = RM 264.00 WM / RM 274 EM
    (FREE 1 bottle of KEEP▴IT Shaker for 1st time buyer & in a single order only)

    Value Pack:
    2set = RM 490.00 WM / RM 510 EM (30days morning & night supply)
    4set = RM 940.00 WM / RM 980 EM (60days morning & Night supply)

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