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每盒含 12包 x 10克 Per box 12 sachets x 10gram

CLEATOX is special formulated with patented ingredient Fibersol-2®.
Fibersol-2® Resistant Maltodextrin is a soluble dietary fiber that helps to regulate/ promote regular bowel movement especially of people with a tendency to constipation.

CLEATOX 独特配方采用了专利原料Fibersol-2®麦芽糊精。

Toxin Remove 排毒
Fibersol-2® Resistant Maltodextrin ( Dietary Fiber ) 麦芽糊精(膳食纤维)
Imported from Japan 源自日本
Obtains 11 US Patents 荣获11项美国专利
 Clinically proven & recognized as Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) by MOH Japan 经临床验證,被日本厚生省列爲特定保健用食品(FOSHU)

Nutrient Restore 恢复
Litesse® Polydextrose 聚葡萄糖
Imported from England 源自英国
 Clinically proven 经临床验證

Rejuvenate 复甦
Mixed Aloe Vera & Green Tea Extract 芦荟与绿茶提取物
Natural extraction technology 天然萃取技术
Protect gastrointestinal and strengthen the function of intestines & colon 保护肠胃,并加强肠道与结肠功能
 Protect liver by scavenging free radicals and neutralize toxins 清除自由基和中和毒素,以达到护肝作用

Ingredients 成分:
Resistant Maltodextrin (Dietary Fibre) 麦芽糊精(水溶性膳食纤维)

Sucrose 蔗糖,
Isomalto Oligo异麦芽寡糖,
Polydextrose 聚葡萄糖,
Citric Acid柠檬酸,
Green Tea Extract绿茶提取物,
Aloe Vera Extract 芦荟提取物,
Kiwi Flavor 奇异果香料
Tricalcium Phosphate磷酸三钙

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