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X2-S is special formulated with patented ingredient Citrin-K®.
Clinical study shown that Citrin-K® Garcinia Cambogia Extract is effective in treatment of overweight and obesity when combined with a sensible low fat diet and exercise.

Main ingredients: KONJAC, Citrin-K

– Form a protective film in the intestinal wall to reduce and postpone the absorption of glucose & fats from meals to be eaten
– Surpress appetite, reduce calorie intake, speed up weight lost
– Added nutrients, prevent physical weakness or fatigue due to reduce of calorie intake

X2-S独特配方采用了专利原料Citrin-K® 藤黄果提取物。
临床研究證实配合低脂肪饮食与适当的运动,Citrin-K® 藤黄果提取物可有效地改善过重和肥胖问题。

主要成分 : 魔芋,藤黄果

– 在餐前先在肠壁上形成一层形成保护膜从而减少食物中的油脂被吸收
– 阻止脂肪产生从而加速瘦身功效
– 减少肚饿程度,减少卡路里的摄取
– 有维生素,不会因为食量减少而造成身体无力或疲惫


Appetite Suppressing 抑制食欲
Citrin K® Garcinia Cambogia Extract 藤黄果提取物
US patented 荣获美国专利
Standardized to 60% HCA 拥有60%的羟基柠檬酸
Proven to inhibit fat production and suppress appetite 临床研究證实能阻隔脂肪生产和抑制食欲

Satiety Regulating  调节饱足感
Psyllium Husk & Konjac (Glucomannan) 洋车前子壳&魔芋
High water absorption rate 超高水分吸收度
Provides satiety feel 给予饱足感
Helps promote regularity and overall digestive health 促进肠胃蠕动,帮助消化

Ingredients 成分:
Isomalto Oligo异麦芽寡糖,
Sucrose 蔗糖,
Konjac 魔芋,
Psyllium Husk洋车前子壳,
Citric Acid柠檬酸,
Garcenia Cambogia Extract 藤黄果提取物,
Hoodia Gordonii 仙人掌提取物
Lychee Flavor 荔枝香料
Tricalcium Phosphate磷酸三钙

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