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KEEP▴IT®️ SHOW & SMOOTH • Effective Safe Slimming Chocolate Drink & Detox Juice 无敌好喝安全有效SGS检测不含药物不含泻药的燃脂巧克力&清脂纤维排毒果汁

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KEEP▴IT® SHOW ⭐Chocolate Slimming Drink⭐
🤎 1box 15sachets × 20g
🤎 Taiwan SGS Certified: NO SIBUTRAMINE & 364 Chemicals
🤎 Effective slim down without starving & harsh exercise

🔺️Since 2017: High rate of repeat order for its effectiveness & good taste of Blueberry
🔺️4 Main Patented Ingredients : Promitor®, Nutriose®, Fibersol-2®, Orafti® Inulin
🔺️Taiwan SGS Certified: NO laxative & 312 Items Chemicals
🔺️Friendly pricing: 1box 15sachets RM129
🔺️Full of Soluble & Insoluble Fiber: Per sachet 20g

❃When & How to Drink?❃
🤎 SHOW 🤎 Take 1sachet 30mins before breakfast, put in 150-200ml room temperature water shake well and drink. DO NOT MIX WITH HOT WATER.

🔺️ SMOOTH 🔺️ Drink at night 30mins before sleep. ( or based on your on convenient time). Usually going toilet after 6-9 hours.
Put in 250-300ml normal temperature water into shaker, put in 1 sachet powder, shake well and drink immediately.

🔺️2017年至今: 回头率高超好喝的蓝莓口味
🔺️4大专利成分: Promitor®, Nutriose®, Fibersol-2®, Orafti® Inulin
🔺️台湾SGS认证: 不含泻药及312种西药
🔺️平易近人价格: 一盒 15包 RM129
🔺️满满的纤维素: 一包 20g

晚上临睡前 30分钟喝一包 SMOOTH
用250 -300ml 普通温度的水加入 Shaker 里, 再把粉末放入, 均摇了即喝。没有在早上喝瘦身燃脂饮品的人也可以选择在早餐后喝一包 SMOOTH (可依据个人的方便时段饮用,一般上饮用后 6-9个小时会要上厕所)

✦ 需要全方位瘦下来的,早上喝一包 XPII 着重在迅速燃烧顽固脂肪和缩小食欲 & 晚上喝一包 SMOOTH

✦ 不需要瘦身的,可以每天临睡前喝一包 SMOOTH 让肠道保持干净,把每天饮食中残留下来的油脂和残留物排出体外,保持窈窕的身段和平坦的腹部。

KEEP▴IT® SMOOTH is a premium and unique developed using 100% natural and patented ingredients such as Fibersol-2® from Japan, Nutriose® from France, Promitor® from Netherland. It provides variety of fibers, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics which are essential for well-being. It support our body’s Phase 2 detoxification process, which is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules they can be excreted from our body. Therefore, it also fight free radicals which keep us young and energised all the time.

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