TIPS on how to earn FREE POINTS :

LOGIN your account, go to the bottom part of “MY REWARD POINTS” > click [ Generate Referral Link ] > click at the generated link + Click Copy to clipboard , share the link with your friends to get them registered under your ID Link.
( The generated referral link look like this : )

Benefits from Referral Program :

  1. For your referred friend’s registration & after first valid purchased, your friend earn: 200 points
  2. For any first valid order placed by referred friend, you earn: 500 points

( Example : You forward your own referral link to Ms.GM, ensured Ms.GM click the link which got your ID to enter our website, so that Ms.GM will only “under” you, once Ms.GM registered account she will also get 100 welcome point + instant extra 200 points if she placed first valid order with min purchase RM 150, once Ms.GM placed the first valid order, your account automatically added 500 points and the name of your referred friend will only appear under your Referral Table. Repeating the above steps forward your referral link to many more friends to earn more 500 free points)

*Reminder: All reward points will be expired after 365 days counting started the day your account holding points, any unused points will turn to ZERO .


? 获取更多积分的小贴士 :

 登录账户 然后到 ‘My REWARD POINTS’ 下方点击 [ Generate Referral Link ] > 点击已生成的推介人专属链接 > 点击 Copy to clipboard,并分享此链接邀请朋友通过您的 ID 链接在我的网站注册账户。
(已生成的推介人专属链接 (referral link) 举例: )

分享计划的好处 :

  1. 每位受您推介的朋友,在她首次登入及首次交易最少 RM 150成功后,她将获取 200 积分
  2. 每位受您推介的好友,当她首次交易成功后, 您将获取: 500 积分

(举例:您把自己的专属链接发给 GM小姐,务必要GM小姐点击你所提供的链接进入我的网站注册账户,这时她才是属于你的“下线”,当GM小姐注册后她也会获得 100欢迎积分 + 首次下单购物最少 RM 150 后即刻额外获得免费 200积分,这时属于您的免费 500积分自动添入你的账户和GM小姐的名字才会显示在你的被推介的名单内。重复以上的动作把您的专属链接发给更多朋友获得更多免费 500积分…)

*提醒:积分的有效期为 365 天,从您的账户开始持有积分计起,如果所累计的积分没被使用完毕,剩余的积分将会在明年今日归为 0