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KEEP▴IT®️ SHOW & SMOOTH • Slimming Chocolate Drink & Detox Juice 燃脂巧克力&清脂纤维排毒果汁

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🤎 1box (15sachets × 20g)
🤎 Chocolate flavor (not meal replacement)
🤎 Take 1sachet 30mins before breakfast / lunch (Gastric person and BF moms take AFTER MEAL)
🤎 Year 2021 November New Product
(formulation selected by Vickie after 4years trial and error from numerous formula)
🤎 Year 2023 to be recorded in the encyclopedia which will be available in the libraries of Malaysia🇲🇾 and Singapore🇸🇬
🤎 Burn fat slimming, cut calories, reduce appetite, boost metabolism
🤎 Effective slim down & body figure maintenance without starving & harsh exercise
🤎 Active Ingredients: Garcenia Cambodia, African Wild Mango, White Kidney Bean, Hoodia, Guarana,
🤎 Taiwan SGS Certified NO SIBUTRAMINE & 364 Chemicals
(Vickie arranged the product sent to Taiwan SGS and paid for the few thousand Ringgit lab test fees)

🤱Breastfeeding mom can start to consume at the 3rd months postpartum. (Vickie started to consume at the time frame too, paediatrician commented my boy's growth very well)

🙅‍♀️❎ For those highly sensitive moms kindly do not take it to avoid any misunderstanding. Exercise is the best way.

❎ Not suitable for people who are taking long term medication and in health issues.

🔺️ 1box (15sachets × 20g)
🔺 Mix Berries flavor
🔺️ Since 2017
🔺 Take 1sachet 30mins before sleep (or any time which is convenient for going toilet after 6-9hours)
🔺️ Promote bowel movement, detoxification, promote digestive health, stronger immune system, enhances slimming result
🔺️ 4 Main Patented Ingredients : Promitor®, Nutriose®, Fibersol-2®, Orafti® Inulin
🔺️ Taiwan SGS Certified: NO LAXATIVE & 312 Items Chemicals

🤎 一盒 (15包 × 20g)
🤎 超好喝的瘦身巧克力 (不是代餐!)
🤎 每天第一餐前 30分钟喝一包 (有胃病者餐后喝)
🤎 2021年11月新产品(Vickie 经过4年尝试了无数个配方后最后定下来的)
🤎 2023年将会被记载在百科全书内并收集在马来西亚和新加坡图书馆
🤎 燃脂瘦身,增加脂肪燃烧,减少食量,消耗卡路里,消水肿,提高新陈代谢
🤎 无需节食无需激烈运动,也能轻松瘦下来 & 维持身材
🤎 台湾SGS验证 : 不含 Sibutramine & 364种西药

🔺️ 一盒 (15包 × 20g)
🔺️ 超好喝的排毒果汁,Mix Berries 口味
🔺️ 2017年至今
🔺️ 睡前 30分钟喝一包(或者任何时段都可以喝只要符合你方便6-9个小时后上厕所)
🔺️ 4大专利成分: Promitor®, Nutriose®, Fibersol-2®,个 Orafti® Inulin
🔺️ 清脂平腹排毒,促进消化,促进免疫力,促进肠胃蠕动清宿便,消水肿,让瘦身发挥更大效果,维持餐后血糖平衡
🔺️ 2017台湾SGS验证 : 不含泻药及312种西药

KEEP▴IT® SMOOTH is a premium and unique developed using 100% natural and patented ingredients such as Fibersol-2® from Japan, Nutriose® from France, Promitor® from Netherland. It provides variety of fibers, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics which are essential for well-being. It support our body's Phase 2 detoxification process, which is when broken down toxins are bound to other molecules they can be excreted from our body. Therefore, it also fight free radicals which keep us young and energised all the time.

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