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XP-II & X-DETOXX 溶脂瘦身&排毒饮品

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My company GORGEOUS MATE 11years++ experiences slimming drinks since 2011

★ XP-II ★ (Per box 15 sachets x 10 g)
- Drink every morning 30mins before first meal ( If usual time have gastric person drink AFTER meal)


It helps to burn and dissolved excessive body fats, when our body fats reduce day by day, our body parts will become slender and body weight reduce. It also helps to surpress appetite, burn calories, block carbs turning into glucose then glucose becoming fats. Also improve metabolism and blood circulation.

★ X-DETOXX ★ (Per box 15 sachets x 10 g)
Per box RM 91 WM / RM 101 EM
- Drink every night after dinner / before sleep.
It helps to detoxify body, prevention and treating of constipation matter, eliminates edema, enhances weight lost process.

[ Key to slim down: 3meals as usual eat in small portion of foods , less take oily, fatty, sweet, fried foods and beverages, no junk foods. and drink at least 2 litres water everyday to increase mebolism.]


To get BEST SLIMMING RESULT ::: taking in SET

Among our actual customers records from year 2011, immediate result show in 3weeks. Averagely 3-10kg weight loss and 1-3inches loss at tummy, buttock, arms, thighs , then continue drink until meet your target.

(Results and speed vary on every individual)


我公司GORGEOUS MATE 热卖了11年 的瘦身燃脂排毒消水肿纤维饮品 【 XP-II & X-DETOXX 】

★ XP-II ★  (每盒 15 包 x 10 g)
—— 每天早餐前/第一餐前喝一包 (平时有胃痛者在餐后饮用)

早上 【减脂肪, 减尺寸,减体重】增加脂肪燃烧及分解多余体脂肪, 当体脂肪逐渐减少了体型就会变小,体重就会变轻。
帮助抑制食欲(增添饱足感),减少食物热量吸收,增加卡路里的消耗, 阻碍淀粉和糖分变成脂肪。促进血液循环,新陈代谢。

★ X-DETOXX ★  (每盒 15 包 x 10 g)
一盒 RM 91 西马/RM 101 东马

—— 晚上临睡前30分钟喝一包

晚上 【清肠排毒】排除体内的毒素和废物质, 增进消化系统,促进肠道蠕动预防和舒缓便秘问题,消水肿消肚腩。

[ 瘦身的要诀:产品早晚的搭配更有效的瘦下来! 三餐照常, 避免煎炸油腻多糖的食物, 注意饮食均衡! 每天喝水至少 2litres 增加脂肪代谢率! ]


XP-II + X-DETOXX = 1set

从我们在 【2011年】 开始至今的众多顾客经验记录, 持续饮用首三个星期见效,平均体重下降 2-10kg, 肥胖部位 (肚腩, 大腿, 手臂, 臀部) 尺寸减少 。 整体雕塑。

( 效果 & 速度因人而异 )

★ 接着别半途而废, 继续喝到达到您的目标体型和健康体重!★


XP II 黑加仑口味, X-DETOXX 螺旋藻口味

【 XP-II 】 Ingredients 成分:
Mango Ginger Extract 香辛精华,
Garcenia Cambogia 藤黄果,
Chitosan (from edible mushroom) 甲毂素 (菇类萃取),
Psylium Husk 车前籽,
Digestive Enzymes 消化酵素,
Probiotic 益生菌,
Citric Acid/Lemon Powder 柠檬酸,
Fructose 果糖 (葡萄糖),Blackcurrant Powder 黑加仑粉

【 X-DETOXX 】 Ingredients 成分:
Psyllium Husk 车前籽,
Spirulina 螺旋藻,
Wheat Grass 小麦草,
Oat Fiber, Soy Fiber,
Wheat Fiber & Inulin Fiber 各类纤维素,
Fructose 果糖,
Aloe Vera 芦荟,
Rhizoma 川芎,
Oligosaccharide 低聚体,
L-Carnitine L-肉碱

XP-II and X-Detoxx - Copy2

XP-II and X-Detoxx

XP-II and X-DetoxxXP-II and X-DetoxxDisclaimer : www.gorgeousmate.com.my was established to provide product, practical information to help healthy adults in their slimming journey.
This site is not intended for people under 18 years, pregnant or breast feeding women, underweight individuals or people with eating disorders or any health condition that requires a special diet. We do not guarantee that the slimming result will be completely works the same on every person. Results vary from each individual.  YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT A QUALIFIED DOCTOR OR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING ANY SUPPLEMENT PRODUCT!

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